Our Brand

Having a consistent look and feel wherever our branding is displayed means the world to us. So please follow this short guide on how to apply our visual identity across your channels, communications and other collateral.

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We’ve a few variations of our logos. The primary version is our single-line version (with or without the strapline):

Logo Lock-Up

Lozenge Logo for Partner Sites

On our partner sites, we use the below Amber Lozenge logo for brand standout:

Logo clear space

Clear space should extend from the outermost points of the logo by the size of the ‘o’ from our logo.

Our brand guidelines

For the full ins and outs of our visual identity, you’ll need to reach for the Openpay Brand Book. It’ll tell you all you need to know about our VI and how to apply it in communications.

Openpay Brand Book Cover

For any questions on the Openpay brand or marketing activity, please get in touch with our Marketing Team at marketing@openpay.co.uk.